It is a revolutionary time in medical and patient communities. Consumers are growing increasingly more educated regarding the connection of their health to the foods and medicines that they put in their bodies. They are also becoming more wary of labels and claims. Rightly so, especially within the dietary supplement industry which is wrought with adulterated products and unsubstantiated claims. Trōphikōs is unique in that we were founded by an executive team from a decades old pharmaceutical company. Our mission: to apply pharmaceutical rigor to create select dietary supplements that are clinically proven to be safe and effective.

How We Are Different

The name Trōphikōs means “nourishment” in Greek. We believe that optimum health is best achieved by maintaining a healthy state in our bodies, versus treating or curing an unhealthy state. Our pharmaceutical heritage and passion for preventive health has led us to develop dietary supplements that are natural and nourish our health.

Trōphikōs is committed to offering only products for which we can make scientifically-based claims, and those claims will continue to be validated through our growing body of clinical evidence. Trōphikōs products also exceed the regulatory requirements for dietary supplements in the United States to ensure their safety and efficacy.

The entire Trōphikōs team is trained on our products and our Customer Support Team is passionate about helping each of our customers and health care providers. Give us a call and experience the Trōphikōs difference.

Here’s to maintaining good health with proven natural dietary supplements that are standardized and supported by health claims and clinical studies.